Cyber Bullying

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Cyber Bullying is as real as other forms of threats and intimidations. As a student at RCS, we want you to know that we take cyber bullying serious.

REMEMBER: Always talk to your parents, principals, school counselors, or other trusted adults when you think you are a victim of any form of bullying, including cyber bullying.

No bullying allowedDo you know what cyber bullying is? Do you know how to defend yourself or your friends when you are cyber bullied?

The following are common cyberbullying tactics:

  • Stealing someone’s online name and using it to write nasty rumors, comment, or spread gossip.
  • Altering someone’s message or doctoring photographs to say something different or poke fun at a person.
  • Secretly recording conversations using a cell phone, then playing the recording back for the person being discussed.
  • Posting damaging information on blogs or web sites.
  • Creating or taking part in Internet polling.

Source: ABC PrimeTime “What Parents Need to Know About Cyberbullying”

The following are links to help you learn more about cyberbullying.